The EMPOWERed Voice Workshop

A Call to Courageous Women


Call to Courageous Women

Are you ready to claim your voice and share your healing journey?

Are you tired of keeping silent and ready to ROAR?

We’re looking for sexual assault survivors who are healing from their childhood trauma and are ready to share their pain and healing journey through expressive arts.

Art will be displayed at The Empowered Voice, traveling exhibit which launches with a sneak peak at the Carbondale, April 6th, First Friday Celebration!

Additional exhibits & performances are scheduled April 7 & 8 at the Third Street Center in the Round Room. Details to follow.

We all have stories that need to be told.

Using simple visual journaling techniques, we’ll create a simple artist book depicting your healing journey.


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Pay What You Can

Not an artist? No experience necessary!

Even a 1st grader can create stick figures like the one I used in the image to the right. Simple imagery like this can be incredibly compelling and tell an irresistible story. See how this simple drawing was used in the more complex finished artist book above using photocopies of journal entries.

Are you a performance artist?

Do you prefer to share your story through music, movement, poetry, story telling or other? We encourage all types of expressive arts.


EMPOWERed Voice Workshop

Tuesdays, February 5 – March 26 

6 - 8  pm

Rocky Mountain Alternative Center

1607 Grand Ave, Suite 22, Glenwood Springs


Donation requested but no one will be turned away. 

Whatever you can afford $5 to $20 per class. ($40 – $120 total) Includes materials for bookmaking.

Online EMPOWERed Workshop Available

Enjoy creating from the comfort of your home.


Mondays, February 4 – March 25 

5:30 - 7:30  pm Pacific Time


Donation requested but no one will be turned away. 

Whatever you can afford $5 to $20 per class. ($40 – $120 total) 

Don't Delay, sign up below! Class size is limited.


Pay What You Can

Find your sacred muse

If you’re a survivor and are ready to empower your voice and share your story through movement, art, poetry, story telling, or other. This workshop is for you.

The meditations and other exercises are sure to spark your creative muse. It’s your story told your way. Share your story through creativity. Expressive arts keeps you out of your head and in the moment creating moments of healing in a non-threatening way.

Using Claire O’Leary’s revolutionary EMPOWER™ technique we’ll create a visual book-art journey or other expressive art to take across America. We’ll reclaim our voices and wake up America to the prevalence of child sexual assault and incest.

The EMPOWERed Voice Exhibit

The inaugural EMPOWERed VOICE Traveling Exhibit launches April 6, 2019 during Sexual Assault and Awareness month with a public exhibit of movement, music, art, and verbal expression by survivors of childhood sexual assault.

The exhibit will expand public awareness around sexual assault in an effort to eliminate sexual assault in our lifetime and to help heal the wounds of survivors while empowering their voice.

The traveling exhibit is an opportunity for survivors to share their voice, be seen, and be heard – a healing experience for both artist and viewer.

It's a chance for the public to be informed about the devastating effects of sexual assault. Perhaps even to change our culture to one of knowledge, compassion and gain the conviction to become advocates of survivors.


Sneak Peak April 6, First Friday, Recreation Center, Carbondale, CO
Empowered Voice Exhibit April 7 & 8
Round Room, Third Street Center, Carbondale, CO
Stay tuned for details
REDEFINED 2019: A Day of Healing, April 27, the Humanist Hall, Oakland, CA
Claire O'Leary

About Claire

Claire is a childhood sexual assault survivor who empowers other survivors through her peer led EMPOWER™ Technique and from Wounds to Wisdom mentoring program..

CEO and Founder of The Empowered VOICE Traveling Exhibit, Claire empowers the voice of survivors through expressive arts and speaking.

For 5 years, Claire has led workshops and worked with individuals to guide them through blocks, helping them identify, release and reframe their trauma to empower their voice.

Claire provides a safe haven for women incest survivors to gain the confidence and inner power to reclaim their authentic voice and live their soul's desire.

She also an avid speaker sharing about “Healing America from Incest",  "Moving from Wounds to Wisdom“ and "The Alchemy of a Lemon".